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A Long Hard Road it's Been

13 April
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If you couldn't guess, I play acoustic guitar. (I'm also obsessed with every kind of tribal drum)

I will not be silenced, and I dislike hypocrits.

My three favorite topics are my home/father, finance and frugality, and survivalism.

I love exotic tribal jewelry, especially jewelry made out of wood, bone, or stones.

I'm a hardcore romantic. Even though I have a tough exterior, I cry during romantic movies.

I'm pro-choice but I am also pro-life.

I'm straight but not narrow.

I don't take sides, I learn to learn all points of view.

That doesn't mean I don't think some people are self-righteous idiots.

I can be categorized as a multi-cultural pagan. I have native ideals, a greek matron, possibly a norse patron, who has been a member of an Irish-Celtic druid organization since 2003.

I've also been categorized as a redneck pagan, probably because I have bullets on my dresser and sleep with a gun under my bed.

I am a hunter and an archer.

I'm a web developer focusing mostly on HTML, CSS, and web standards.

I run many websites, and am also the webmaster of my Grove and also volunteer to help out on the ADF website.

I am the Senior Druid of my Grove.

I own and run a MUD. Think of it like a text-based World of Warcraft, only there's actual roleplay, and it's free. MUD's > MMORPG's.

I hate drama and will promptly cut ties with those that wallow in it.

I'm extremely open-minded, but also a bitch.

I hate politics and rarely ever follow them. But I'm very patriotic and I'm a strong supporter of the American Indian Movement.

I hate fundamentalists, but I encourage people to be passionate about their spirituality.

I hate religion, but I am a very spiritual person.

I'm an optimist and a pessimist. I have big dreams but no faith in humanity.

I dislike hordes of people and prefer small groups and being out in the open.

I don't drink coffee or smoke cigarettes, and for some reason most people think this is strange.

I'm a southern gal with a northern mindset.

I'm very street smart, but not so book smart.

I'm a survivalist and take much of my spirituality from survival skills rather than scholarly knowledge.

My biggest fear in life is to not be able to support myself and my father. Thus I will only date guys who can keep a job.

I want to travel to many different places all over the world, but feel grounded to spend as much time with my father as possible.

I'm in love with Africa, Scotland, Australia, Tibet and New Zealand.

I dislike people who demand to be on pedestals.

I can be a very apathetic person.

I need excitement, or I'll get bored. I hate stagnancy.

I think the world would be a much better place if more men wore kilts (at least for me)

I am needy, but want my space.

I find romanticism in hard work and solitude

I love to sing, and everyone says I have a great voice, but I never think I'm good enough.

I can't read music, but I play guitar.

I think Rob Zombie is one of the hottest men on the planet, along with Bruce Campbell.

I am teaching myself to speak Cherokee and Lakota-Sioux.

I'm more of a country wildflower gal than a dozen roses girl. I think spending so much money on roses is retarded. I'd much prefer a plant that is going to live, or wildflowers that are free.

I am chemical-free.

Geraldine Doyle AKA Rosie the Riveter is my idol.
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